Tutorial websites prepared in different soil labs

The following are links to soil-teaching/tutorial websites:

·         Advanced Soil Chemistry

·         Aggregate Stability

o        The stability of different aggregate sizes

o        The stabilizing effect of organic matter

o        The dispersive effect of organic matter

o        The role of humic substances

o        The role of polysaccharides

o        The role of iron and aluminum oxides

o        The role of texture and cations

o        References

·         Application of Soil Survey and Classification

·         Aridic Soils of the United States and Israel

·         Basics of Soil

·         Biodiversity, Soil and Ecologically Sustainable Development

·         Bioengineering for Hillslope, Streambankand Lakeshore Erosion Control

·         Bulk Density and Porosity

·         Cation Exchange Capacity

·         Composts as a Soil Amendment

·         Chelates

·         Crystal Structure - Soil Mineralogy

·         Deep Tillage of Saskatchewan Soils

·         Determination of Aggregate Stability

·         Emergency Wind Erosion Control

·         FAO Soil Texture Classification

·         Fertilization and Liming

·         Forest Soil

·         Garden Soil Management

·         General Moisture Conservation Techniques

·         Guidelines for Soil Sampling

·         How to Determine Soil Texture

·         Humic Substances

·         Introduction to Soil Water Potential

·         Introductory Soil Science

·         Keys to FAO/UNESCO Soil Classification Scheme

·         Keys to Soil Taxonomy 1996

·         Liming, Fertilization, and Soil Testing

·         Micronutrients in Crop Production

·         Mycorrhiza

·         Nitrogen Fertilization in Crop Production

·         Organic Crop Production: An Introduction to Organic Fertilization

·         Organic Crop Production: Soil Conservation Practices

·         Organic Soil Amendments for Sustainable Agriculture

·         Peat Soil

·         Phosphorus Fertilization in Crop Production

·         Potassium and Chloride Fertilization in Crop Production

·         Phosphorus Fertilization in Crop Production

·         Potassium and Chloride Fertilization in Crop Production

·         Potentially Beneficial Effects from Liming: Chemical and Physical

·         Protect Soil with Vegetative Residues

·         Raw materials and weathering processes

·         Relative Tolerance of Tree Species to Construction

·         Revised Guidelines for Safe Rates of Fertilizer Applied with the Seed

·         Soil & Septic Systems

·         Soil Acidity

·         Soil and Crops

·         Soil and Water Conservation Management

·         Soil Chemistry

·         Soil Conservation Guidebook

·         Soil Drainage

·         Soil Erosion

·         Soil Facts

·         Soil Final Projects ESC311-507

o        Mike Ingram: A Soil Map of Seattle

o        Sasha Heid: Soil Properties Important in Wetland Creation and Restoration

o        Troels Pedersen: Examples of Human impacts on the soils of Marsh Island

o        Megan Humphrey: The Grass is Always Greener?

o        Amy D'Andrea: Kaolinite: What Is It?

o        Birgitte Hansen: Sewage Sludge Soils and Heavy Metals

o        Tracy Chollak: Soil Amendment use in Lawn Soils

o        Linda Weber: The Renton Waterworks Garden

o        Malcolm Dole: A Playful Look Into Composting Toilets

o        Mark Atkinson: Soils Problems Associated With Golf Courses

o        Alice Arnesen: [This is the title of my talk]

·         Soil Formation, Composition and Fertility

·         Soil Fertility Considerations

·         Soil Health

·         Soil Image Library

·         Soil Improvement with Legumes

·         Soil Lectures

·         Soil Mapping and Soil Survey

·         Soil Morphology of a Sandy Catena

·         Soil Quality Evaluation

·         Soil Reactions

·         Soil Sampling

·         Soil Survey

·         Soil Temperature and Crop Emergence Under Conventional and Direct Seeding

·         Soil Term Glossary

·         Soil Testing

·         Soil Testing Recommended Procedures in Northeastern U.S.

·         Soil Testing, Fertilizers and Plant Analyses

·         Soil Texture and Structure

·         Soil Water

·         Soil-Forming Minerals and Rocks, and the Weathering Process

·         Soils and Fertilizers

·         Soil Laboratory

·         Soil-Water Relationships

·         Stability, Chelation and the Chelate Effect

·         Substrates and Fertilizers

·         Sulphur Fertilization in Crop Production

·         Terrace Systems for Nebraska

·         The Phyllosilicates - Structure and Properties

·         Understanding the Soil

·         Understand Your Soil Test: Calcium, Magnesium, Boron, Copper, Chlorine, Molybdenum

·         Understanding Your Soil Test: Sulfur

·         Understanding Wind Erosion and Its Control

·         Unit Conversions in Soil Physics

·         Unit Conversions in Soil Physics

·         Using a Chlorophyll Meter to Improve N Management

·         Using Phosphorus Fertilizers Effectively

·         Using Logarithms in Soil Science

·         Virtual Garden - Soil Facts

·         Wastes application to the soil

·         What Are Soils Good For

Interesting scientific utilities/websites:

·         SCIENCES of SOILS - Soil Science Online Journal- this journal exist, really!

·         WebElements- online periodic table

·         Texture AutoLookup- computer program to look up the USDA soil textural classes...free & popular (over 250 users worldwide)!

·         Soil texture triangle- online textural triangle ... gives you the physical properties of your soil too!

·         Penman Evapotranspiration Calculator- calculates evapotranspiration

·         Scientific Calculator- so you lost your calculator? No problem ...

·         On-Line Calculator- a much more powerful math equation ... try it

·         Newton's Method- solves equations

·         Statiscope- your SAS program crashed? Give this a try then

·         Linear regression- a quick plotting utility

·         StatLib- a library of statistical software - cool!

·         Student GPA Tools- graduate with First Class Honours!

·         megaConverter- err...how many centimeters to an inch? Look it up here!

·         Fractals in Science- online simulations and tutorials on each fractal designs

·         Study Web Science- links to other tutorial sites on various subjects - fully reviewed and indexed

·         Mad Scientist Network- ask the experts anything!

·         The Why Files- very interesting general facts and trivia of science

·         Scientific American- probably the best scientific magazine ever

·         Soil Depletion Estimates Model- erosion model; able to handle site-specific soil characteristics, tillage practices, and cropping systems

·         Water Erosion Prediction Program (WEPP)- water erosion model

·         CAMASE Register of Agro-ecosystems Models- database of many many models - highly recommended for all modellers

·         Armchair Scientist - Science & Technology- summarizes advanced scientific research and controversies for the layperson

·         SCIENCE IS FUN in the Lab of Shakhashiri- very innovative ways to study or teach Science

·         Virtual Earthquake - An Introduction- allows you to wreak havoc in a city with the touch of a button, and study the resulting seismic charts and graphs to determine the Richter scale reading, etc ... highly recommended!

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